Parents Speak Out

Several parents spoke at the House Education Committee’s public hearing on the Education Saving Account bill, Senate Bill 193, on April 4th. One of the parents that support the bill is Adrianna, a single mom from Kingston. Through tears she talked about accountability to parents – not a school board and not politicians. She said that as a parent, she knows what is in the best interests of her children. She knows their needs and personalities. She was frustrated that so many superintendents spoke only about the money and not serving the educational needs of the students.


Sign the Petition

This petition will send an email to the House Education Committee and the House Finance Committee, urging them to support children’s individual learning needs and Senate Bill 193, the educational choice ESA bill.

The email includes a message that asks the committee members to support all our children, including those who do not “fit” in a traditional public school, and the Education Savings Account bill, SB 193, as a win for students and communities. For greater impact, personalize it with your own message and mention what town you live in as legislators are usually more responsive to their constituents. Click on “read the petition” to edit the note.

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