Public Hearing on HB 1454, the Anti Public-School Learning Opportunities Bill

WHAT: Public hearing on House Bill 1454, a bill that intends to repeal the innovative Learn Everywhere program that expands personalized learning opportunities for public high-school students.

WHERE: Legislative Office Building, room 207, located at 33 N State Street Concord.

WHEN: Thursday, January 16th starting at 1:00pm

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Children learn through a variety of activities, including those outside the traditional school environment and schedule. Whether it is participation in a sports activity, volunteering at a local animal-rescue shelter, joining a robotics team, participating in a scouts program, or taking part in a theater production, children learn from hands-on engagement outside the four walls of a classroom or the hours of 8:00am to 3:00pm.

This is the concept behind the New Hampshire Department of Education’s Learn Everywhere program. It allows public-school students to participate in more educational opportunities like sports, volunteering, internships, and academic clubs; activities that to them might feel like play, but teach valuable skills and count as course credit. Learn Everywhere empowers a personalized education while remaining in the public-school system. Ironically, their home-educated peers already enjoy earning course credits in just this manner.

There are two bills filed for 2020 that attack Learn Everywhere: House Bill 1454 and Senate Bill 514.

HB 1454 is identical to the 2019 bill and would completely repeal Learn Everywhere before it can even start. It has a public hearing with the House Education Committee on Thursday, January 16th starting at 1:00pm in the Legislative Office Building, room 207.


Learn Everywhere…

… respects local control.

… does not cost taxpayers any additional funding.

… works with Local Education Agencies for accessibility issues.


Read more about this bill and the facts about Learn Everywhere at More Attacks on Learn Everywhere.


Please come and testify, or just provide moral support by filling the room. The public is welcome to provide written or oral testimony, or may sign the “blue sheet” to indicate your position on the bill.

The Legislative Office Building (LOB) is immediately behind the Statehouse, located at 33 N State St, Concord, NH 03301. There is on-street parking, and a parking garage nearby; refer to this link.

Diving directions are available here.

If you are unable to attend, please contact the committee before the hearing.

CALL: Phone calls can be especially effective, particularly if you share what educational opportunities mean to you and your family. Mention if you are a constituent. Here is the committee members’ contact information.

EMAIL: If you are unable to attend, please send a brief email to the committee members. Their emails are below for an easy copy/paste.