Reasons to Love Homeschooling

As homeschoolers we are often questioned why we home educate our children, and our kids may be asked about it, too. Here are some great answers from the children. It might be fun to ask your kids what they might add to this list.

50 Reasons Homeschooled Kids Love Being Homeschooled

In the blog world, we hear a lot from homeschooling moms, but not so much from their students. I often have people find my blog by searching things like, “Do kids like to be homeschooled?” or “Why do kids like to be homeschooled?” So, I asked the folks on my Facebook page to ask their kids why they liked being homeschooled and let me know what they said. I asked mine, too, and compiled the answers for you.

Some answers were heard a lot. Some were pretty unique. Some got my added commentary, and some stand alone. So, if you’ve ever wondered why homeschooled kids like being homeschooled, here are the results, in no particular order after the first two, of my really unscientific poll.

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