Senate Candidate Letter – Carla Gericke, District 20

Granite Staters care about educational issues that impact our children’s lives and academic outcomes. In mid September we invited all New Hampshire senatorial candidates to send letters to School Choice for NH about their views on education policy, and educational opportunities in particular. We will publish them without edits between now and the general election on November 6th. We hope it is a helpful tool for candidates to share their views about important education policies as well as for NH families to better know candidates.

The following letter is from Ms. Carla Gericke, senatorial candidate for district 20. This district includes Goffstown and areas of Manchester.

Dear Friends,

Every child is a unique individual and “one size” does not fit all when it comes to his or her educational path. Some children thrive in government-run schools, others do not. I support school choice and expanding options for parents who know what is best for their child.

In a recent op-ed in the Concord Monitor, I said this about school choice:

“Under Republican leadership, you can expect a tax rebate that will follow your child, giving your child the freedom to go to any school of your choosing, whether public, charter, private or religious. If you cherish education, vote Republican.”

We all understand that market competition serves to improve outcomes. We should apply this same logic to education. Instead of trying to sustain a failing monopoly in public schools, propped up by powerful unions, we should be open to fresh approaches. As the world changes, so too should the way we educate our children.

Government-run schools get more and more expensive each year, placing undue pressures on NH property taxpayers, without showing any measurable improvements in outcomes. At what stage will we realize that more money–much of it going to administration, i.e. “red tape” — is not the answer?

The answer lies in freeing the education market to more choice and competition. In Nordic countries, often cited by Democrats as the future “democratic socialist ideal” for America, school choice actually forms the bedrock of their educational system.

School choice is a form of freedom, and improves your child’s chances for success. As your Senator in District 20 (Goffstown and Manchester Ward 3, 4, 10 and 11), unlike my opponent, Lou D’Allesandro, who opposes school choice, I will support legislation that provides more educational choices for your child, which is ultimately good for your kids, good for you, and good for New Hampshire. A vote for me, Carla Gericke, is a vote for a better, brighter future!


Carla Gericke

senate candidate, district 20