Senate Candidate Letter — Peter Macdonald, District 21

Granite Staters care about educational issues that impact our children’s lives and academic outcomes. In mid September we invited all New Hampshire senatorial candidates to send letters to School Choice for NH about their views on education policy, and educational opportunities in particular. We will publish them without edits between now and the general election on November 6th. We hope it is a helpful tool for candidates to share their views about important education policies as well as for NH families to better know candidates.

The following letter is from Mr. Peter Macdonald, senatorial candidate for district 21. This district includes the communities of Madbury, Lee, Durham, Newington, Portsmouth, Newmarket, and Newfields.

The School Choice for NH asked me to write a letter about my goals.  I volunteered in schools across NH for years weekly to teach children about “Trash Formation Art”, NH Dept of Agriculture water conversation and other classes.  I believe schools and our children’s education is a vital part of our future.  I believe in a solid education with out wasting tax dollars.  I am running for NH State Senate District 21 because I believe our politicians have become to self-centered and no longer care about the public before themselves.

My family has given their life savings and retirement to start the Veteran Resort-Chapel a place where homeless U.S. Military Combat Veterans can come to get Gods help to come home mentally as well as physically if possible.  We bought and donated 11 acres of waterfront property and built a small church on the land.  The Town of Lee NH has been trying to stop our church because as the selectmen has said “we are a community of Professors and UNH support staff so we do not deserve people like homeless combat veterans in our community”.  We support your mission in any other town.  You can go to Face Book Veterans resort chapel and look at the photos of our church or go to and read about us.

11 percent of today’s school children will enter our military and many will come home to be homeless do to the effects of combat. It is so easy to help these individual U.S. citizens such as we are doing at the Veteran Resort-Chapel.  There will always be towns like Lee NH that believes they are better than the rest of us.  We the people must speak up and let them know “These are the children that went off to war for our freedom let us help them now”.

I believe electing Peter Macdonald, as your next NH State Senator District 21 will give the schools and the public a strong person to represent your needs. I served in the United States Marine Corps; I fought in combat and came home to be homeless for years.  I believe the people come first and I will see that happens no matter what.


Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC

Ordained Minister Since 1980