Senate Candidate Letter — Ian Freeman, District 10

Granite Staters care about educational issues that impact our children’s lives and academic outcomes. In mid September we invited all New Hampshire senatorial candidates to send letters to School Choice for NH about their views on education policy, and educational opportunities in particular. We will publish them without edits between now and the general election on November 6th. We hope it is a helpful tool for candidates to share their views about important education policies as well as for NH families to better know candidates.

The following letter is from Ian Freeman, candidate for district 10. This district includes the communities of Walpole, Gilsum, Sullivan, Roxbury, Harrisville, Alstead, Surry, Keene, Nelson, Chesterfield, Swanzey, Westmoreland, Winchester, Marlborough, and Hinsdale.

Dear Supporters of School Choice for NH,

As a libertarian, I believe in choices.  Real school choice isn’t just choosing where to direct some tax money, which is typically what is considered “school choice” when talked about politically.  Real school choice is being able to choose whether or not to support the government’s “education” programs entirely.

Government forces you to pay for its awful monopoly system, even if you want to unschool, homeschool, or send your children to private school.  If you don’t pay their school taxes, the people calling themselves “the State of New Hampshire” will steal your home from you.

The best solution for real school choice is to end the government’s monopoly control of education.  Let the current staff have ownership stakes in their schools and have to raise their operating money through consensual, voluntary means like charging tuition, holding fundraisers, or whatever peaceful means.  Allow parents to decide whether to fund or not fund those schools.

Freedom means the ability choose to say no.   Please vote Libertarian this November.

Thank you for reading and for your consideration,

Ian Freeman
Libertarian Candidate for NH Senate District 10