Senate Education Committee Session — April 16, 2015

We attended the Senate Education Committee’s session on Thursday, April 16th to conclude the public hearing on HB 323. The Cordelli/Sullivan amendment was withdrawn, but the Hoell amendment is still in play. HB 323 is needed in some form because of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) / ESEA waiver. A small group of us is tasked with working to find a satisfactory resolution for next Tuesday when the committee plans to exec the bill.

The Senate Education Committee exec’d a couple bills. Sen Stiles was out sick, but is expected to return next week.

HB 142: social media privacy
An amendment was introduced, but not distributed to the public. This was voted 4-0 OTP/A.

HB 206: parental opt-out of non-academic surveys and questionnaires
A committee amendment to turn this bill into a study committee was introduced. Voted 4-0 OTP/A.

HB 520: online student privacy bill
Voted 4-0.

Next Tuesday we can expect the committee to exec (vote) on three more bills:
HB 577: children’s savings account (a non-germane amendment will be introduced)
HB 555: charter school students accessing extracurriculars at the traditional public schools
HB 563: charter school funding bill