Some Don’t Want to Hear It

Some legislators don’t want to hear about educational opportunities that impact thousands of NH children. That’s their choice. They can choose to ignore what often matters a great deal to families.

On New Year’s Eve we sent an email to all NH Senators and State Representatives welcoming them to the new biennium. The letter explained our believe that all children deserve an education that fits his or her needs regardless of socioeconomic status or zip code.

We also indicated we would periodically contact them on important legislation and produce a Report Card based on roll-call votes.

Five legislators unsubscribed from our mailing list; one even marked it as spam! Many legislators never respond to calls and emails when people reach out to them on important issues. However, we hope they will be attentive to their constituents over the next two years, especially on matters that impact our children’s education.

Debra Altschiller (D), Rockingham 19  603-686-1234

Richard Barry (R), Hillsborough 21  603-880-3731

Casey Conley (D), Strafford 13  207-232-1992

Amanda Gourgue (D), Strafford 25  603-397-0505

Liz McConnell (D), Rockingham 11  603-772-7484

UPDATE 1/7/19:  Add another representative to the list that doesn’t want to hear from constituents.

Thomas Southworth (D), Stafford 20  603-742-4471

Another six state representatives do not have emails provided on the General Court website. This makes it harder for constituents to contact them; their phone numbers are available.

Chris Balch (D), Hillsborough 38    603-654-6433

Jennifer Bernet (D), Hillsborough 4    603-878-2044

John Callum (R), Sullivan 6    603-863-2119

Mary Griffin (R), Rockingham 7    603-432-0959

Walter Kolodziej (R), Rockingham 7    603-437-7936

Diane Langley (D), Hillsborough 8    603-669-3626

Again, we hope concerned citizens and families will make an effort to communicate with their legislators on important education issues.

To find contact information for your state representatives, search on the House roster by name or by town; state senators are listed here.

Your voice matters and elected officials should be responsive and accountable to the people they represent. You can make a difference in the education of your children and thousands more around the state.