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Newport Montessori School is a participating school in the Croydon school choice program, and as such, is involved in their legal battles with the state Department of Education and Attorney General. They need our support to fund these additional legal costs.


Croydon is a tiny town in Sullivan County, New Hampshire. They provide Kindergarten through 4th grade education in-district, but must tuition out older students. Over several years, Croydon developed an innovative program to bring cost-effective options to their district. Starting with the 2014-2015 school year, Croydon launched a school choice program that allows families to select from local public and private schools. The town’s tuition commitment is pegged to the AREA agreement district’s cost so if a family chooses a more expensive school, the family is responsible for the additional fees. If the selected school costs less, it is a savings to the town.

Each year a handful of Croydon families have selected to enroll their children in Newport Montessori School; this year there are six children in the program. Because this private school costs approximately $4,000 less per student than the AREA agreement school, Croydon taxpayers will have a $24,000 savings this year alone.

Croydon’s school choice program is similar to other public-private school tuition agreements already operating that the NH DOE recognizes,  including some with out-of-state private schools.  The Lyme school district has agreements with Thetford Academy and St. Johnsbury Academy in Vermont, and Chatham has a tuition agreement with Fryeburg Academy in Maine.

However, the state Department of Education and Attorney General have challenged Croydon with multiple “cease and desist” orders and a lawsuit, trying to shut down the program and force the children to return to the local public schools. The NH Superior Court ruled in favor of the state DOE in late July, but after Croydon already made commitments for six families to enroll in Newport Montessori School for the current academic year.

Because they have Croydon choice students enrolled in their school, Newport Montessori School has been part of the legal battle and has incurred significant legal expenses as a direct result. This campaign is intended to help off-set these costs.

Please consider making a donation to help Newport Montessori School’s legal costs. Donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your generous support of our partners in the defense of school choice across the state!

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