Tell Your Story

Families have unique stories about educational opportunities. Some children struggle in assigned schools that do not meet their needs. Even high-performing public schools may not be a good fit for individual children. Maybe it is a problem of academic fit, or perhaps bullying. Other families access options that work for their children, often at great sacrifice.

By sharing your story, you can inspire and encourage other families going through similar circumstances; bring greater awareness of various educational options available in our communities; and help officials understand the impact educational opportunities make in our children’s lives.

We have toolkits to help you craft your personal school-choice story. There are also different ways to share your story – take a brief video, make an audio recording, or write it down. Some methods may be more comfortable for you than others. We have several tools to help you create and present your story in the medium you wish.

There are multiple opportunities to present your story – our website and social media, local and state media outlets, hearings in Concord, advocate training workshops, occasional press conferences, and more. We can work with you to pull it all together.

Contact us at for more information, or to submit your story to our website.

Do you have one minute, one hour, or one day? You can make a difference!