Concord Connections – 2018 Homeschool Bill

We must be vigilant to protect and preserve our homeschooling rights. So far there is one bill filed for 2018 that will impact homeschooling in NH. Although the language of the bill is not published yet, there is reasonable cause for concern.

Upcoming Homeschool Legislation

To date one draft bill regarding home education is filed for 2018. It is Legislative Service Request (LSR) #2329 with Rep. Robert Theberge as the primary sponsor and Representatives Yvonne Thomas, Larry Laflamme, and Edith Tucker as co-sponsors. Note that all of these Representatives received failing grades in our 2017 Report Card.

At this time all we know about the bill is the title and sponsors; the full text will not be published until mid-December or so. However, we strongly suspect it is a hostile bill based on the title, “relative to educational evaluation of home schooled children” and the Report Card grades of the sponsoring legislators. Rep. Theberge has not responded to our numerous attempts to reach him about the bill.

We suspect this bill is an attempt to reinstate the annual reporting of year-end assessments. It would be a reversal of HB 1571 (2012).


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