Dispositions Removed From Assessments

At the executive session for SB 343, Representative Rick Ladd introduced an amendment to explicitly remove dispositions from statewide assessments. This is critical because dispositions are values, beliefs, and attitudes. These are non-academic issues and should not be included in mandatory assessments. It is also inappropriate because teachers have 20% of their evaluations based on these assessment results, as part of our No Child Left Behind waiver. Rep. Ladd’s amendment is consistent with SB 48 (2013), so the legislative intent regarding dispositional questions is preserved. The House Education Committee agreed, and unanimously voted it Ought to Pass (OTP).

The full House of Representatives will vote on SB 343 as amended on Wednesday, April 30th. It is expected to pass on the Consent Calendar.

We applaud Rep. Ladd for his efforts to protect students and teachers.