Homeschool Info Sessions in Spring 2020

Are you considering homeschooling next year? Are you new to homeschooling and want to make sure you’re off to a solid start? Are you a home ed leader and would like to reach more families in your community? Contact us at and we can host one near you!

Over the last two years, we hosted nearly 20 Intro to Homeschool sessions across the state, and we would like to offer more in the coming several months!

As always, these sessions are free because we want to support families seeking educational opportunities for their children.

These discussions are perfect opportunities for prospective and new(er) homeschooling families to learn more, gain practical information and tips for their home ed program, have questions answered, and connect with other families.

We want to book events in spring and late summer, just as people are starting to look into options for the 2020-2021 school year — let us know when you want one in your community. Libraries, community centers, and private businesses have been very receptive to hosting our talks, and all it takes is a local person to make the connections.

Email us and let’s help more families find out about homeschooling in New Hampshire.