Noble Goals of Pre-K Programs Fail to Deliver

Many NH legislators fall for the empty promise of pre-K programs though they have yet to prove any substantial success. Good intentions are not enough.

A recent article in US News & World Report debunked the two studies from decades ago that show lasting gains from two “boutique” preschool programs. The problem is these results have not been duplicated and the studies do not equate to the preschool programs of today.

Meanwhile, we have the 40+ year and $200 billion failure called Head Start. It has never lived up to its promise for our youngest learners. States like Georgia, Oklahoma, and New York have tried universal preschool programs and these, too, have not helped at-risk youngsters.

SB 69, a bill that the Senate already passed, received an Ought to Pass (OTP) vote by the House Education Committee yesterday in a 15-6 vote. They are happy to have a study committee on introducing a pre-K program in NH to chase after federal funds offered through the Preschool for All program. It won’t be any surprise when the commission recommends a taxpayer-funded preschool program for New Hampshire.

SB 69 will likely head to the full House next week. Please contact your Rep urging them to vote NAY on the OTP. It is nothing more than a gateway bill towards taxpayer-funded preschool. Our children need a good education that meets their unique learning needs and goals. Expanding our public school system to preschool without a track-record of success will fail them.

To find your Representatives, go to “Who’s My Legislator?” The email for all Reps is

For more information, read Testimony for SB 69, a Study for At-Risk Pre-School.

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