Update: JLCAR Vote on Ed 306, Minimum Standards for Public School Approval

On January 17th, the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR) gave conditional approval to the Board of Education’s proposed changes to Ed 306, stating this decision is based upon the passage of legislation regarding changes to “twelve content areas.” However, the committee did not specify which legislation supports these changes. Representatives Sad, Ladd, McKay, Schmidt,  and C. McGuire and Senators Reagan, Rausch, Cataldo, Kelly, and Fuller-Clark were present. Only Representative Carol McGuire and Senators John Reagan and San Cataldo voted against the proposed rules.

The problems with the Board of Education’s proposal include comprehensive psychological services without specifying whether or not this only impacts special education students and fail to include provisions for parental consent. It also implements competency-based (outcome-based) education although no legislation to date has been passed to authorize it.

It is expected that the BOE will adopt the proposed Ed 306 changes at their February 13, 2014 meeting.