Rochester School Board Member’s Letter Against Ed 306 Proposal

This is a powerful letter by Susan O’Connor of the Rochester School Board about the problems she sees with the NH Board of Education’s proposed changes to Ed 306, the Minimum Standards for Public School Approval. In this letter to the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR), Susan articulates the impact of a mental health grant and competency-based education on her district. Please take a moment to read Susan’s letter. It is posted with permission.

JLCAR 10814 letter by Susan OConnor Rochester School Board

We have shared other posts about the flaws with Ed 306. The posts about comprehensive psychological services and competency-based education are available for your reference.

There is very little time left to contact JLCAR about the Ed 306 revisions. They will decide whether or not to accept the BOE’s changes on January 17th. Please contact them today.

Senate Members of JLCAR:

Sen. John Reagan, Chair R-Deerfield
— Phone: (603)271-4063
— Email:
Sen. Sam Cataldo R-Farmington
— Phone: (603)271-4063
— Email:
Sen. Bette Lasky D-Nashua
— Phone: (603)271-4151
— Email:
Sen. Jim Rausch R-Derry
— Phone: (603)271-3091
— Email:
Sen. David Watters D-Dover
— Phone: (603)271-8631
— Email:

Sen. Peter Bragdon (Alt.) R-Milford
— Phone: (603)271-6931
— Email:
Sen. Martha Fuller Clark (Alt.) D-Portsmouth
— Phone: 603)271-3076
— Email:
Sen. Lou D’Allesandro (Alt.) D-Manchester
— Phone: (603)271-2117
— Email:
Sen. Andy Sanborn (Alt.) R-Bedford
— Phone: (603)271-2111
— Email:
Sen. Nancy Stiles (Alt.) R-Hampton
— Phone: 603)271-3093
— Email:

House Members of JLCAR:

Rep. Peter B. Schmidt, Vice-Chair D-Dover
— Phone: (603)743-3751
— Email:
Rep. Rick M. Ladd R-Haverhill
— Phone: (603)989-3268
— Email:
Rep. James R. MacKay D-Concord
— Phone: (603)224-0623
— Email:
Rep. Carol M. McGuire R-Epsom
— Phone: (603)782-4918
— Email:
Rep. Tara A. Sad D-Walpole
— Phone: (603)756-4861
— Email:

Rep. Richard W. Barry (Alt.) R-Merrimack
— Phone: (603)880-3731
— Email:
Rep. Suzanne H. Gottling (Alt.) D-Sunapee
— Phone: (603)763-5904
— Email:
Rep. William A. Hatch (Alt.) D-Gorham
— Phone: (603)466-9491
— Email:
Rep. David H. Kidder (Alt.) R-New London
— Phone: (603)526-4767
— Email:
Rep. Mary S. Nelson (Alt.) D-Nashua
— Phone: (603)888-5384
— Email:

1 thought on “Rochester School Board Member’s Letter Against Ed 306 Proposal”

  1. As reported by Doris Hohensee from today’s BOE meeting:
    DOE’s Paul Leather’s update at today’s NH BoE meeting regarding Ed 306, Min. Standards rules indicates that the questions which delayed the public hearing to Jan 17th were regarding the implementation TIMELINES. They are concerned over the timeline needed for local districts to implement the changes. That’s all.

    No changes to the rules have been made to require Parental Notification before Psychological assessments of students, or blocking the complete transformation of public education to include legislatively-unauthorized Competencies have been made to the rules. NONE.

    Parents need to up the volume of their objections to JLCAR before Friday when the proposed rules are scheduled to be approved.

    Legislative Office Building (LOB), rooms 305/307 on Friday Jan. 17th

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