Families Support ESAs

We continually hear from families across the Granite State who want more educational opportunities for their children. Some are trapped in schools that don’t fit their academic needs. Others face unaddressed bullying situations.

Children have one chance at their K-12 education and all students, regardless of their zip codes and income levels, deserve the opportunity for an education that fits their unique needs and goals. As a state, we have an obligation to support children, not only one potential provider of their education. Each child’s education and future matters.

New Hampshire has the opportunity to put more options within reach for low-income children with Senate Bill 193, the Education Savings Account (ESA) bill. ESAs are funds that children receive to a designated account that are used for specified educational purposes. Approved uses may include textbooks, online classes, tutoring, testing, AP classes, dual-enrollment courses, private school tuition, homeschool expenses, and other education-related fees. ESAs will benefit the most vulnerable in our communities who otherwise cannot access options. Even if the pilot ESA program can only help a few hundred children, it still makes a big impact on their individual lives.

The entire NH House will vote next week on this critical bill. This is the time to contact your state representatives, urging them to support ESAs for our children.

Below is a letter we received from a Manchester father and business owner who supports the Education Savings Account (ESA) bill, SB 193.

I am a Manchester parent of four daughters who have attended public, private, and charter schools at various stages of their education. No single system was best for each child and no single system was best for each grade level for each child:

  • Amanda – Private elementary, public middle, public high
  • Jacqueline – Public elementary, public middle, public high
  • Paige – Public elementary, charter middle, charter high
  • Jenna – Public elementary, charter middle, T.B.D.

As you can see, there has been quite a mixture of education choices. I was fortunate to be able to mix and match the best education opportunity at different stages of my daughters’ academic lives. I’m not anti-public school any more than I am anti-private school or anti-charter school. Each has its pros and cons.

Please remember that a child only gets one shot at third grade or seventh grade or freshman year. It’s important that we afford parents the opportunity to find the best fit for their child at every stage of their academic life.

Please choose choice. Please support SB 193.

by Jon DiPietro


Send a note to your state representatives urging them to support SB 193 with this easy email form. If you want to compose your own message, we developed tips and information; resources with links can be found in Contact Legislators re ESAs. Additional articles about ESAs regarding the financial impactconstitutionality, and effect on NH families are available in ESA Articles. Please take a few minutes to email your state representatives asking them to support the Education Savings Account bill, SB 193.